Corporate Services

Nova Corporate Services works in conjunction with the various other departments of Ravinsky Ryan Lemoine to fully satisfy the needs of our corporate clients. Vanessa D’Antonio and Felicia Petosell are involved with the following tasks:

  • Annual corporate maintenance for both federal and provincial corporations which consists of the preparation of annual resolutions and the filing of federal and provincial annual forms;
  • Federal and provincial windups and dissolutions;
  • Share redemptions;
  • Share transfers;
  • Change of directors, officers, registered office etc.;
  • Amalgamations;
  • Corporate reorganizations;
  • Incorporations and organizations;
  • Applications for GST/QST registration numbers;
  • Review and preparation of closing documents and binders for various
  • Communications with federal and provincial authorities;

Our team in Nova Corporate Services

Vanessa D’Antonio

Nova Corporate Services
(514) 866-3514, ext.230

Felicia Petoselli

Nova Corporate Services
(514) 866-3514 ext.342